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Improve Your Facility

General Aquatics prides itself on providing some of the best plaster finishes in the industry. We also go above and beyond to provide the most up to date start up procedures and specific water balance levels for your pool. This ensures that your plaster looks the same at year 10, 15, 20+ as it did day 1. If your looking to differentiate your facility from competitors and have minimal maintenance for decades to come, a new plaster finish is the answer!

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General Aquatics provides superior consultations for two reasons: 1. We know what equipment, hydraulics, and designs work.

2. We have a decade of experience servicing and maintaining facilities that don't work.

Our consultants create custom plans that don't just run well, but also are easily maintainable and serviceable. Through this we are able to guarantee cost savings of thousands of dollars through the reduction of labor spent on daily maintenance and additional costs related to hard to service equipment.

Expert Witness

Expert Witness testimonials are common for both attorneys and owners - as well as anyone else involved with the aquatic facility or residency. We have experience in providing site inspections, depositions, and case documentation. We are dedicated to improving the swimming industry as a whole and helping to improve any unsafe facility any way we can. We most frequently provide testimonials for new home owners buying homes with pools and plaster finish irregularities.

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