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General Aquatics, LLC was founded to provide a service for the pools that have become outdated and need to be revitalized. It seems like more and more money is being wasted each year maintaining a poorly designed facility or doing band aid fixes to larger issues. GA is dedicated to utilizing the most up to date industry knowledge and real world experiences to ensure your pool is no longer a money pit or timely nuisance. 


GA provides reserve studies to project future costs on all the pool related equipment, the pool structure, and the pool finish. In addition, GA offers consultation on planning and design for renovating or simply updating. GA only uses industry leading contractors when required to ensure the job is done right the first time. GA offers resurfacing and other finish renovation services directly.

General Aquatics, LLC also is a proponent of safety in and around water. The number one concern when it comes to safety around the pool is VGB Compliance. GA can help with updating facilities to meet local and state code requirements, becoming VGB compliant, and providing consultations on when and how to meet ADA standards at the cheapest cost with minimal labor requirements.

At General Aquatics, we pride ourselves in staying informed on the latest trends in the industry. Whether it is new equipment technologies or just better ways to run a pool, we've most likely heard about it and can provide real world experiences on if it is something worth considering. We routinely adjust our practices based on new data and our experiences in the field. We are not an in and out company, we look for partners who we can support and will support us in return for the long term.

General Aquatics is a name you can trust.We will continue to have our reputation built and protected by our clients! We value doing what's right!

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